Insta-famous BUBBLEWRAP WAFFLE opens in Chinatown

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Wrap your tastes buds around this! Hailed from Hong Kong, there’s a new dessert craze attracting the masses in London. Previously sold as street food at festivals and a pop-up stall on Berwick Street, Bubblewrap Waffle now have a permanent home at a trendy new eatery in Chinatown. Since it’s opening on March 8th, there have reportedly been queues of up to 2hrs long of customers eager to try this delicious giant (and very Instagrammable) bubble shaped treat.

So how did the concept of the bubblewrap shaped waffle come about? Egg waffles first appeared in Hong Kong in the early 1950s. Back then, some innovative people didn’t want to waste broken ‘unsell-able’ eggs so they created an egg shaped iron machine, mixed the eggs with flour and milk and the tasty waffle was created as a street food snack.

Bubblewrap Waffle describe the taste sensation as being crispy on the first bite, then the softness inside will melt in the mouth. There are three types of batter available, regular, chocolate and matcha, then once the waffle is made, it’s rolled into a cone and topped with a scoop of gelato. Next up there’s 9 sauces and 14 different toppings to choose from including Oreo, Kit Kat, strawberries, raspberries, salted caramel and pecans – and if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, there’s a savoury option which comes in the form of salt and pepper egg and avocado.


One Bubblewrap waffle costs between £6-£7 depending on your topping variations. Bubblewrap Waffle can be found on 24 Wardour Street, WID 6QJ, open seven days a week from 10.30am -11.30pm.