the longest NOODLE in london

China has a long history of foods, holidays and superstitions that celebrate luck and tradition. One such example is noodle length, which is said to represent long life. When cooking noodles during Chinese New Year, it’s important to make sure you don’t cut them up or break them into pieces, otherwise you will be symbolically cutting short the life of the person who will be eating them. Thankfully the cutting only applies to the severing of noodles, and not the eating. You don’t need to slurp the noodles down in one go!

With this in mind and in celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year, the School Of Wok will be attempting to create London’s longest noodle. If you fancy joining in the fun, then head down to their award winning cookery school on 25th January from 12pm – 2 pm.

School of Wok, 61 Chandos Pl, London WC2N 4HG