The CHINESE fashion bloggers to follow

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With the global boom of Instagram and the rise of the blogger, it’s only a matter of time for the online community to look stateside and welcome international accounts into their daily feeds.

Chinese fashion has changed dramatically over the years, and only until more recently has the nation grounded itself as a fashion capital, with designers such as Ryan Lo and Huishan Zhang breaking the fashion scene internationally, and models like Xiao Wen Ju and Ming Xi signing onto major fashion contracts.

The blogger sphere is picking up steam and introducing a fresh and oh-so-stylish collection of online role models for the fashionable Chinese youth to look up to.

Leaf Greener

87b09062304426efbe1ed4c8dd3ebc75d2854d0cAs former senior editor at ELLE China, Leaf Greener has more than cemented herself in fashion spotlight, and has been making a name beyond the country. Having launched her own mobile magazine, LEAF, on WeChat (one of China’s most popular messaging apps), the blogger is well and truly within China’s fash pack.

Her cheeky and fun aesthetic makes her instantly recognisable among the street style pages of magazines and blogs, such as Garancé Dore and Tommy Ton. You’ll also spot her face in big brand collaborations, with everyone from Chanel to Estée Lauder.

When she’s not busy running the magazine and getting scouted, you can find her sharing her thoughts over on her blog about all the latest design trends. Never one to shy away from bold colour combinations, loud prints and oversized pieces, Leaf lives by the ethos that more is definitely more, spinning out an eclectic wardrobe of traffic light reds, emerald greens, buttercup yellows and bubblegum pinks – not to mention a strong pair of sunglasses.

Instagram: @leaf_greener



The Haute Pursuit

citizenjeansthehautepursuit-11-600x900Flitting between Beijing and Vancouver, Vanessa Hong’s travels reflect in her laid back, super-cool minimalist style. With her token platinum white hair and largely monochrome aesthetics, she’s created a signature look that stands out from other Chinese bloggers. Her blog, The Haute Pursuit, was dreamt out of a desire to break free from a boring 9-to-5 job, proving that there’s hope for other aspiring fashion bloggers.

As a result of the growing popularity of her blog and street style photos, Vanessa has built her own brand, THPSHOP, where fans of her clean, refined style can pick up similar pieces – with everything from womenswear and jewellery to home accessories and totes.

Instagram: @thehautepursuit and

Website: and


Linda Li

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Drawing comparisons to Alexa Chung, Linda Li is a TV presenter who has catapulted into the fashion spotlight for her ability to make any outfit look good. She ticks all the boxes when it comes to working a style, nailing the casual tomboy look in a t-shirt and jeans one day, and pairing an elegant and girly pencil skirt-blouse combination the next day. Her work in TV and status as a rising star in the fashion world has led her to host various Chinese fashion events and rub shoulders with big name designers.

Instagram: @lindainlove and @lindalijing

Li Hui


As a result of her previous role as editor at Harper’s Bazaar China, Li Hui is a familiar face in the Chinese world of fashion. Now working as a stylist, Li’s own wardrobe is brimming with enviable pieces from the likes of Gucci, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana. Her style is constantly evolving – sometimes cutesy, sometimes more grunge – but you can guarantee that she’ll bring a little bit of drama to every outfit, mixing sleek sportswear with a daring girliness. A polo neck and jeans combo isn’t complete without an oversized novelty clutch, a monochrome outfit has to be amped up with a candy pink cocoon coat, and nearly every style is topped off with her signature fedoras or pork pie hats.

Instagram: @lihuihui616


Fil Xiaobai

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With her ever-changing hairstyle – name a colour and she’s probably sported it at some point – Fil Xiaobai exudes all of the vibrancy of Chinese youth culture. After heading to Paris Fashion Week back in 2012, she became inspired to start her own blog and share her style.

The Chengdu-based blogger is now considered a street style guru to likeminded twenty-somethings. She’s got the daring flexibility to be able to work all kinds of outfits that would usually be off limits – think brash pattern combinations, bottle-bottom spectacles, accessories galore, and whatever hairstyle she feels like on that particular day.

Instagram: @filxiaobai


With female bloggers paving the way for now, there’s major potential on the horizon for male Chinese bloggers to take to the pages of Instagram and WeChat. Watch this space.