This January, Lumiere London light festival returns for a spectacular second edition. Commissioned by the Mayor of London, Lumiere London is by far the best way to inject some colour and fun into this cold winter month.

This year the festival is even bigger, brighter and bolder than ever, with more than 50 artworks reimagining its buildings and spaces with a palette of rainbow illuminations, transforming the city into a dazzling nocturnal art exhibition.

Multicoloured martyrs light up Westminster Abbey.
Multicoloured martyrs light up Westminster Abbey. Image credit: www.

What’s more, this year Chinatown London will be at the heart of the action with a dazzling flock of lit-up flamingos taking flight across the area’s streets.

Conceived by the Lantern Company, the glowing Flamingo Flyway installation will be operated by puppeteers that will weave in and out of crowds, soaring above their heads in a wave of vibrant pink. The piece references the extraordinary intercontinental migration routes that birds take each year, and the parallels to humankind’s age long migration routes across the world.

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Aside from being super-charged with colour and light, your favourite restaurants and bars will be offering electrifying drinking and dining opportunities.

Get a front row seat of the action while sipping a gorgeous cocktail from the windows of Experimental Cocktail Club or Opium bar. Or why not enjoy a delicious dinner with your family after captivating them with the light parade? Share a communal hot pot at Shuang Shuang or Hot Pot. And the best street-food accompaniment to the Lumiere London fun? A yummy Bubblewrap waffle-cone oozing with matcha ice cream, topped with fruit.

The Lantern Company have a wealth of experience in producing and directing arts festivals, one-off site-specific events, carnival parades and visual theatre. They also undertake sculptural commissions and create processional kinetic floats, costumes and large-scale puppets.

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At the heart of the company lies the desire to nurture and promote artistic excellence alongside a commitment to developing sustainable projects, which build skills and raise aspirations in community members, increasing confidence, celebrating creativity and promoting social cohesion amongst participants and audiences alike. Lantern Company events aim to be accessible to those who may not normally access visual or performing arts

Lumiere London, 18th – 21st January 2018, from 5.30pm – 10.30pm at Chinatown and various London locations.

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Lumiere London is a free-to-view festival.