MICHELIN starred dumplings in CHINATOWN

It’s not often you’d think to put the words ‘Michelin’ and ‘Chinatown’ in the same sentence. However that has all changed in London this autumn with Dumplings Legend restaurant serving up a rather special new dumpling that’s more French fine dining than fry-up.

In collaboration with Charlotte Street’s Pied à Terre restaurant, owner Geoff Leong conceived the first ever Michelin Xiao Long Bao dumpling. Housing luxurious foie graswith a soupcon of smoked eel, expertly wrapped with 18 folds, the Michelin dumpling marries French flavours with Chinese tradition.

Fascinated with Chinatown’s culinary evolution, Pied à Terre founder, David Moore brings his Michelin-starred restaurant’s techniques and flair to the popular Dumpling’s Legend spot. Founded in 1991, it’s one of the Capital’s longest standing holders of the much coveted gastro award, the Michelin star.

This isn’t the first time Geoff Leong has collaborated with haute cuisine chefs, Dumplings Legend has also served up delights from esteemed chefs Fergus Henderson of St John and Mark Hix of HIX.

The Michelin dumpling is available at Dumplings Legend until the end of December and is £9 for 3.

Dumplings Legend, 15-16 Gerrard St, W1D 6JE.

Source: taken from chinatown.co.uk