BATTLE OF THE NOODLES: aa Gill and Giorgio Locatelli Vs Ken Hom and Sir David Tang

Throughout the year China Exchange hosts a wide range of exhibitions, workshops, and activities to encourage intelligent exchanges and debates. They’ve certainly picked their battle this time as team Italy and team China go head-to-head on whose version of the noodle is superior.

Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli and food critic and columnist, AA Gill will share the Italian story. Will they subscribe to the view that Marco Polo brought pasta back from China, or to the view that it already existed in ancient Rome and therefore is Italian in origin?

For team China, celebrated chef and author of best-selling cookbooks, Ken Hom and China Exchange chairman, Sir David Tang will present the case for the Chinese noodle, consumed in epic quantities worldwide. How will they present the tradition of hand-pulled dough alongside the global demand for the instant variety consumed at a staggering rate of 270 million per day?

If you’re in the audience, you’ll get the opportunity to ask your questions before deciding whether you have an undying devotion to Italian pasta or an ongoing affair with the Chinese noodle.

Let the battle commence!

China Exchange – 32A Gerrard Street, London, W1D 6JA

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