an interview with MEI MEI street cart founder melissa fu

The ever increasing popularity of street food has brought a wave of delicious and authentic dishes to our streets by talented and inspiring traders; none more so than Mei Mei Street cart. Their bright yellow stall is the brain child of twins Melissa and Oli Fu who saw a gap in the market for their jianbing’s and home cooked inspired comfort food. We talk to entrepreneurial young trader Melissa to find out more about their award winning food.

What inspired you to set up Mei Mei Street Cart? Street ManchesterIt was after I tried Jianbing for the first time and basically became addicted to them. This happened just as I was finishing my degree in creative advertising and had become increasingly aware of the burgeoning street food scene in London. I’ve always been passionate about Chinese food and was thinking about starting a business so it just seemed the natural thing to do. My main aim in the beginning was just to see if people would even buy Jianbing and it’s just gone from there.

Was it always your ambition to be in the food industry?

It wasn’t actually! I always wanted to go into the film industry – there’s still time! There was a point when I took a year out of study to do a chef vocational course but it didn’t last long, there was too much classic French and not enough wild Asian cooking!