Shanghai’s BEST KEPT secrets

Alternative Shanghai © Blake Thornberry/Flickr

Shanghai may be a bustling and prosperous cosmopolitan city, but a variety of its attractive spots are located in hidden places and thus rarely visited by tourists. From a museum that boasts a pair of chopsticks manufactured during the Tang Dynasty, and an antique hotel that is acclaimed to be a Chinese-style Paris, to a natural habitat that features wetland and endangered species.

Duolan Lu Celebrity Street

Duolun Lu Celebrity Street is a hidden dragon in Shanghai that contains sites of historical and cultural value. In this short yet tranquil alley, the old bungalows are of continental style, restaurants radiate antiquity, and stores cuddle close in a row. Home to many aspiring writers, Duolun Lu was once the home of famous Chinese poets including Luxun, Guo Moruo, Pan Hannian, and Ruoshi, while Taiwan’s distinguished writer Bai Xianyong spent his childhood at the Bai residence.

Duolun Lu © Ira Smirnova/Flickr

In 1998, the Honkou government named Duolun Lu as a Celebrity Cultural Street to promote and preserve its customs and cultural distinctiveness. Watch out for: the old houses on the street and various museums

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